The engineering skills of man are boundless. There are plenty of places in the world that are ancient, such as Stonehenge, classical, such as Greek and Roman temples, and medieval, like castles. Even if the buildings are modern, they are still impressive given that they are made to withstand the elements and rely on physics to stay upright. The following are the ten must see buildings that people have built. They come from around the world and through time, but all of them are worth your attention and the space on your computer screen, even if just for a little bit.

1. The Pantheon

Pantheon Rome
The Roman Pantheon is one of the most famous places in history, considering it was the centerpiece for classical comedy, but more usually classical tragedy. It was also further romanticized in the works of Shakespeare.

2. The Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House
This building caused quite a stir when it was built, but now it is an icon of Sydney; people think of it immediately when they think of the city. Its unique architecture also leads it to be a great high definition wallpaper, even if you have not been there yourself.

3. Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal India Wallpaper
This lavish palace was built for a princess that was never able to inhabit it – a building built upon tragedy, but one of the wonders of the world nonetheless. It is not surprising when you consider the things that love is able to do.

4. The Colosseum

Colosseum Rome
The Colosseum has gone through war after war, and though it is broken at this point, it remains standing as a reminder of the Roman Empire that used to reign supreme in the city. This timeless building makes as great high definition wallpaper if you are a history buff.

5. St. Basil’s Cathedral

Saint Basil Cathedral
St. Basil’s Cathedral is a great example of Russian architecture, and is a must see for anybody who can visit the country. Since visiting is expensive, installing the wallpaper is probably the better choice to be able to see the building.

6. Lloyd’s Building

Lloyd’s Building
This building is a new addition to the London skyline. Its distinct egg shaped architecture stands out among a very old city, and its cutting edge glass patterns make it a sight to behold whether it is in person or on your wallpaper.

7. Empire State Building

The Empire State Building
The Empire State building long had the title for the tallest building in the world and though it has now been dethroned, it is still a sight to behold, making it a great wallpaper for your computer.

8. Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Did you know that the architect of the Leaning Tower of Pisa knew it was going to lean before he built it, but decided to build it anyways? Regardless, it’s an amazing piece of architecture partially because of this flaw, and makes a great high definition wallpaper.

9. DC White House

White House Washington DC
This high definition wallpaper is the best view of the White House that you are ever going to get, because after 9/11 it is behind quite a bit of fence and armed patrol, to the point where you are lucky if you can see anything. Enjoy it in this picture!

10. St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral
St. Paul’s Cathedral is on a lot of people’s desired destination lists, but it is not on there for nothing. In addition to being one of the largest religious sites, it is also one of the most opulent, a fact that this high definition wallpaper has a bit of a problem getting across.