We are excited to present our list of 15 handpicked nature wallpapers.

1. Sunset

The Little Prince once said, “One loves the sunset when one is sad”. He can watch the sunset plenty of times each day. When was the last time you stopped to appreciate the sunset’s beauty?

Sunset Nature Photography

2. Deer

I wish I could touch you and look you eye-to-eye – you beautiful creature in the wild.  But you are untamed and if I move one step closer, I’d be sure to scare you away.  So I held my breath, and adore you from a distance.

Nature Field Deer

3. Tulips

Delicate blooms that are used as a symbol of love.  Different colors have different meanings.  They say that pink tulips symbolize affection while the darker red tulips are a declaration of romantic love.

Flowers Tulips Nature

4. Yellow Tulips

And yellow tulips symbolize bright, happy days!

Tulips Yellow Field

5. Autumn

Trees have a way of preparing for the coming of the cold winter months. They allow their leaves to fall, and the leaves never fail of making a grand, unforgettable exit.

Autumn Backgrounds Wallpaper

6. Monarch Butterfly

Despite their delicate appearance, Monarch Butterflies are sturdy, little creatures most noted for their great late summer to autumn migration.

Monarch Butterfly Pictures

7. Lavender Field

Do you long to see a field of lavender as beautiful as this?

Lavender Field Wallpaper

8. Poppies

Poppies- they’re pretty to look at but there’s so much more beyond what the eyes behold.

Field Flowers Poppies Nature

9. Rainbow

Oh, there’s something about seeing a rainbow across the sky that instantly lights up the heart.

Natural Rainbow Wallpaper HD

10. Waterfalls

Have you seen and experienced the Niagara Falls – one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World?

Niagara Falls Wallpapers HD

11. Balloon

Would you like to see the world from a flying balloon?

Landscape 3D Beautiful Design Wallpaper

12. Dandelions

I long to spend a day with you – daydreaming nice dreams and blowing Dandelions.

Dandelion Field Wallpaper

13. Clown Fish

Just in case you didn’t know, that adorable animated fish named Nemo from the movie of the same title is a specie of Clown Fish – a common clownfish to be exact.

Clown Fish Wallpaper

14. Butterfly Fish

Speaking of fish, here’s a beautiful fish with a white and yellow striped body. Like the clown fish, the butterfly fish is immune to the sea anemone’s poison.

Butterfly Fish Wallpaper

15. Underwater

Do you enjoy snorkeling or deep sea diving?  Try it out once and be amazed by the colorful and marvelous abundance of life under the sea.

Fish Wallpaper HD