Mother Nature is awe inspiring. There is something about being out in nature, no matter which biome you are in, that makes you feel small, almost insignificant, but not in a bad way. The earth has a way of bringing us into her embrace and making us feel like we are returning home. The following high definition wallpapers showcase fifteen of the prettiest spots in nature, and will have you longing for the great outdoors.

1. Mt. Fuji

Japan Fuji Firework Wallpaper HD
Mt. Fuji is the most famous and legendary mountains in Japan. The fireworks illuminate it in this high definition wallpaper to blow you away even more.

2. Green Meadow

Scenery Pictures
Of course, having an idyllic meadow scene as your wallpaper is not bad at all either.

3. The Alps

Climbing a mountain is a surefire way to make yourself one with nature at her most harsh, but the reward is sweet. Take in the view with this high definition wallpaper.

4. Waterfalls

Computers Nature Wallpapers
There are plenty of secluded waterfalls deep in the jungles of the world that are looked at infrequently by human eyes, preserved from interference.

5. Starry Sky

Galaxy Wallpaper Widescreen PC
Remember that we are on a rock floating through space with the homely comfort and beauty of earth mixed with the otherworldly immensity of the stars.

6. Japanese Garden

Japan Nature Wallpaper High Resolution Photos
Sometimes nature does not have to be raw to be awe inspiring. The Japanese have always had a way of sculpting the Earth and living with it. Any of their gardens make beautiful wallpapers.

7. Green Forest

Forest Wallpaper High Definition
This mythic forest has you almost seeing elves it is so pure.

8. Beautiful Desert

Beautiful Desert Wallpaper Image
There is a beauty to be found in the desert, one which cannot always be put into words. Lose yourself in the emptiness of this environment with this high definition wallpaper.

9. Amazing Landscape

Amazing Landscape Wallpaper HD
Rolling hills, valleys, and sapphire blue lakes take your breath away in this high depth wallpaper of a photo deep in the woods.

10. Desert Landscape

Desert Landscape Wallpaper Background Windows
These canyons will take your breath away in addition to giving your desktop a clean feeling with their smooth, rolling lines.

11. Earth

Earth Wallpaper Of Pictures HD
What is the most stunning location on Earth than the planet itself? From up there, you can get a look at more than you could ever hope to within the atmosphere. There is truly nothing like it, and it makes for a desktop wallpaper that is out of this world.

12. Autumn

Autumn Backgrounds Wallpaper HD
The dramatic hues of autumn in a deciduous forest make them perfect photography candidates and even more perfect high definition wallpapers to give a striking impression.

13. The Prairie

Beautiful Nature Wallpapers HD
This fantastic farmland on the water reminds one of The Shire. Truly this is one of the most relaxed places on earth; it seems like nothing could go wrong on the banks of this winding river.

14. Flowers by the Road

Beautiful Flowers Road Photo
Sometimes the most beautiful spots in nature are the spots where nature refuses to give in against the concrete poured over where it needs to grow. This beautiful high definition photograph of a violet breaking through the sidewalk will make for a great wallpaper.

15. Vineyard

Amazing Vineyards Champagne View
Like wine? Then this wallpaper has the coolest place on earth for you, multiple fields of grapes being grown to be champagne. Oh la la!