It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day for you to want a reminder of the warm, fuzzy feeling of infatuation. Whether you just got into a new relationship, have a new crush, or have an anniversary rolling around, these 33 love themed wallpapers will definitely make you go “awwwwwww”.

1. Love Quote

Beautiful Love Quotes
Love may not make the world go round, but this high definition wallpaper certainly has more than enough hearts to go around with its clean design.

2. LOVE Sparkle

Valentine Love 3D Wallpaper HD
Love glitters and shines just like this high definition wallpaper!

3.  Diamond Love Hearts

Diamond Love Hearts Wallpaper
The saying goes “diamonds are forever”, but that’s only because they’re in a fixed low supply by the companies that own them. Love is what’s actually forever, and you can celebrate that with this high definition wallpaper.

4. Fuzzy Bears

I Love Teddy Bear Wallpaper
Now this is just the definition of cute. Two fuzzy teddy bears in love? Yes please.

5. Hearts and a Rose

Valentine Love Day Wallpaper
Escape into that early morning or late night romantic bed scene and feel the stress of your day just melt away…

6. Heart Sand

Cute Love Pictures
Everybody loves a sweet beach date. Get away from it all with your loved one with this adorable heart in the sand wallpaper.

7. Wooden Hearts

Love Hearts Wood
Rustic love fills your heart with the warm and fuzzy feelings of childhood with this high definition wallpaper.

8. Love Birds

Cute Love Birds Wallpaper
Now here’s one that’ll really make you melt. Who doesn’t love cute animals snuggling and in love?

9. Fantasy Love

Fantasy Love Wallpaper Desktop
The world of high fantasy is romantic as it is, and this high fantasy couple might just send you staring out the window, lost in a wistful daydream.

10. Heartshaped Bites

Love Background Wallpaper Computers HD
Biting hearts into each other’s apples on a lunch date? Now that’s cute. This high definition wallpaper shows the power of simple things when you’re in love.

11.  I Miss You Teddy Bear

Cute Teddy Bear Love
This wallpaper would be the perfect choice to install on your loved one’s desktop right before they leave on a trip to let them know how much you care.

12. Heart Cushions

Hearts Love
These adorable heart decorations give you the feeling of putting them up with the one you love.

13. Love Bird

Sweet Love Backgrounds
This sweet vintage style wallpaper captures the simple little things that are great about being in love.

14.Heartshaped Stone

Heart Stone Love
Even a stone heart can be melted and dressed up by the right person!

15. Sweet Love Birds

Love Birds
More cute “love birds” are sure to melt your heart on any day of the week, no matter how rough.


Beach Love Wallpaper
Expand on the earlier beach date idea by following a heart in the sand by the word “love” decorated with starfish with this high definition wallpaper.

17. Love Sketch

Love Heart Art Drawing
You don’t have to worry about flying too close to the sun when you’re in love because love makes you feel invincible!

18. First Love

Valentine Day Wallpaper Funny Dekstop
Remember your schoolyard crush with this adorable “first love” high definition wallpaper!

19. Live Love

Quotes Beautiful Wallpapers Dekstop

Love is an integral part of life, and both have similar advice to go along with them.

20. A Cup Of Love

A Cup Of Love
Some people can really be vicious without their morning cup of Joe, but for some of us, the feeling of the one we love is better than any caffeine rush!

21. Emo Love Quote

Emo Love Quotes
Remember how the two of your came to be with this sweet black and white high definition quote wallpaper.

22. Two Hearts

Hearts Red Love Macro Lights
Soft lights and bright red are able to convey the tenderness and passion of being in love in this wallpaper.

23. Love Cookies

Love Cookies Wallpaper
Sweet things have always been associated with love because both are sugary and pleasurable! These cookies on a string will have you drooling for not only them, but your loved one.

24. Pink Roses

Love Quotes Pictures
Everybody loves quotes, and this bit of poetry puts a perfect image of love in your mind and heart next to the pink roses of this high definition wallpaper.

25. Romantic Couple

Romantic Love Wallpapers
Beach weddings are always seen as incredibly romantic. Lose yourself in the fantasy of this high def wallpaper.

26. White Teddy

Bunny Doll Love Wallpapers Cute HD
Aww! This stuffed little guy will always represent the love that your significant other has for you.

27. Blue Heart

Love Desktop Backgrounds Free
Go for a non-traditional love color scheme with this delicately drawn high definition wallpaper.

28. Red Love

Red Love Background
You can still have the smooth effect of a “professional” wallpaper while having the heart-warming feeling of love in the corner of your screen.

29. Emo Love

Emo Love Quotes Wallpaper
This cute illustration reminds you of how to treat your loved one, even when times get tough.

30.  Heartshaped Candle

Sweet Love Pictures
The soft light of candles is always romantic…

31. Fiery Love

Love Imgaes
Love is a fiery passion, so the lettering on this wallpaper makes complete sense.

32. Pink Love

Pink Love Wallpaper HD Cute
These hearts almost resemble the intricate work that baristas make on the cream of their coffees. That art is done with love, as is this high definition wallpaper.

33. Love Abstract

Love Heat Wallpaper
The most important thing to remember about love is that there are many parts to it. This abstract collage of colorful triangles represents all of these bits and pieces, creating a beautiful wallpaper in the process.