Looking for a cool wallpaper to fill that empty space on your desktop or laptop? We have selected 40 out of the thousands of cool wallpapers available here on HDWallpaperia.  Check these out:

1.  Ice Canyon

Ice Canyon Wallpaper Windows 7 Not many people know that the tundra is considered a desert as well, even though there is plenty of water around!

2.   Space Galaxy Red Stars

Space Galaxy Red Stars Wallpapers

Visit the farthest reaches of your sci fi imagination in this (fittingly high def) wallpaper. You’ll boldly go where no man has gone before.

3. Sun Wallpaper

Sun Wallpaper Nature Background You can visit the closer regions of the galaxy by installing this stunning sun wallpaper.

4. Peacock Photo

Peacock Wallpaper Photos Cute The detail of high definition wallpaper really stands out with this peacock feather image. This is eye candy at its finest!

5. Desert Wallpaper

Desert Wallpaper Background Use your wallpaper as an escape to a land that you wouldn’t like to be at in the flesh with this sandy desert wallpaper. You can almost hear the sand whipping over the dunes.

6.Nature Desert Wallpaper

Nature Desert Wallpaper HD To contrast the sandy desert, visit the more familiar land of the dirt desert, common to the American southwest, with this high def scene!

7. Green Rain

Green Rain Wallpaper Free Download A huge trend in wallpapers involves colors in a soft focus, frequently blended together with elements of water. Check this out in green…

8.Rain Wallpaper

Rain Wallpaper Free High Photography …Or in bright blue! You could even set the two to alternate on your screen for great flow.

9. Fall Out New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas DLC

Everybody loves Bethedsa’s take on the Fallout series, and the imagery in New Vegas is known as stunning. Show off your love with this high-def NCR Ranger peering at the New Vegas skyline.

10. Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Why not complete the Bethesda love with the most beloved of The Elder Scrolls series? Return to the world of Oblivion with this wallpaper.

11. Cinderella Wallpaper

Princess Disney Cinderella Wallpaper Image Stray away from video games with this return to childhood.  This classic scene from Cinderella rendered in high definition is a wallpaper you just can’t pass up.

12. Stars Wallpaper

Stars Wallpaper Image Background The cosmos are even reachable from our place here on Earth with this high def wallpaper.

13. Black Wallpaper

Black Wallpaper Image Android There is something about clean lines and soft color gradients that just make you feel relaxed. You can exercise this with this professional, clean wallpaper.

14. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta 2014 Wallpaper Background View this and picture yourself driving down this picturesque road – nay, flying down it.

15. Green Forest Desktop Background

Green Forest Wallpaper HD Dekstop Would you rather be anywhere else than you are at the moment? Would you rather be out and about instead of stuck in front of your computer? Realize your dreams by losing yourself in this high def forest.

16. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman Wallpaper HD Dekstop Who’s cooler than Morgan Freeman? Nobody, that’s who. You can almost hear his perfect, soothing voice coming out of your speakers…

17. Harry Potter

Harry Potter 7 Wallpaper Photos Full High Definition Celebrate this magical trio that took the world by storm with this high definition wallpaper.

18. Vintage Flowers Photography

Vintage Flowers Photography Dekstop Wallpaper Gorgeous flowers capture the spirit of femininity on this vintage style but detailed high definition wallpaper that will take you back to a simpler time.

19.Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Hawaii Beach Wallpaper Dekstop There’s nothing more classic or cool than the tropics. Lose yourself in white sandy shores.

20. Chelsea Cool Wallpaper

Chelsea Cool Wallpaper HD Celebrate one of the coolest teams in football with this Chelsea wallpaper! Joe Cole would be proud.

21. Funny Presents

funny presents Life finds a way to persist in the most unlikely of places.   Watch it grow out of a computer from your computer with this cool high definition wallpaper!

22. Coachella Music Festival

Coachella Music Festival Nothing is cooler than Coachella nowadays. Whether you have already been or would like to go for your first time, you will be able to envision yourself there with this cool wallpaper!

23. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Poster Okay, there’s one thing cooler than Coachella, and that’s Game of Thrones. Show off your fandom!

24. Khaleesi Wallpaper

Game of Thrones Casting Khaleesi. Worship her as you should with this DaenerysTargaryen HD wallpaper.

25. Art Wallpaper

Art Wallpaper Art drives us in all areas of our lives. This high definition wallpaper will remind you to pay attention to the art in everyday life.

26. Cool HD Backgrounds

Cool Abstract Backgrounds For Desktop Computer rendering is one of the coolest things out there. Appreciate it in full with this high definition wallpaper to brighten up your screen.

27. Cool Wallpaper

Cool Back Grounds Pandas? Yeah. Everybody loves pandas. There’s a reason they’re the world’s most populated country’s national animal!

28. Cool HD Wallpaper

Download Cool Back Grounds Rage Against the Machine and communist imagery with video games?   That’s something everybody can get behind.

29. Ultra Cool

Cool Back Grounds HD Woah! It’s almost like the goddess of technology is peering out at you through this high definition wallpaper.

30. Cool Cats

Cool Desktop Backrounds Pictures The internet has decreed that cats are the coolest thing ever. Welcome to the hive mind.

31. Bald Eagle

Cool Pictures For Wallpapers HD Celebrate the coolest country in the world with this bald eagle wallpaper. America!

32. Cool Computer Background

Cool Backgrounds For Computers Clean graphics and hip design meet in this high definition wallpaper that’ll make you feel like you’re on Haight and Ashbury.

33. Cthulhu

Cool Photos For Wallpaper Desktop Cthulhu? Apple? It’s a nerd’s dream. I’m sure HP Lovecraft didn’t intend for Cthulhu to become necessarily “cool”, but at least everybody knows of the dark lord of R’yleh.

34. High Def

Cool Pictures For Wallpapers Widescreen

It’ll be difficult to cheat death with this hand… at least you know what you’re going up against thanks to this high def wallpaper!

35. Ice Cold

Winter Cool Wallpaper Windows What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold! You can feel the crispness in the air by just looking at this wallpaper.

36. Smoke

Cool Pictures For Wallpaper Smoking has always been considered cool even though everybody knows that it’s bad for you.

37. Contrast

Cool Black Wallpaper Contrast is definitely cool, and you can see the best contrast in this high definition black and white wallpaper.

38. Black

Black Wallpaper HD High Resolution Are you a fan of Crysis?   Show it with this cool wallpaper illuminated by sci-fi red lights.

39. Fruit

Cool Fruit Wallpaper Eating healthy is all the rage! Show your commitment with this high definition fruit wallpaper.

40. Photography

Photography Wallpaper Cool Photos Photography is the pastime that fuels most wallpapers, as well as being an art!  Inspire yourself to create your own art with this wallpaper.