Anime, short for animation, are (Japanese) animated productions that include hand-drawn or computer generated images. Fantastic themes, colorful graphics and vibrant characters are characteristics of this style of animation.  Here are 53 awesome HD Anime wallpapers:

1. Bleach

Illustrated and written by Tite Kubo, this series follows the life and adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki who has soul reaping powers, or Shinigami.

Bleach Wallpaper

2. Doraemon

A highly popular story of a robotic cat who travels back in time to help a boy called Nobita.

Doraemon Wallpaper Full High Definition

3.  Street Fighter

Street Fighter is an extremely popular video game.  Chun-li and Ryu are 2 beloved characters.

Street Fighter Wallpapers Background Windows

4. Final Fantasy

Published and developed by Square Enix, this is an RPG.

Final Fantasy Wallpaper Free Download

5. Soul Eater

An adventure filled with comedy, drama, and action, this Japanese manga was first released in 2003.

Soul Eater Wallpaper Free Download

6. Abstract Anime

This abstract anime wallpaper captures a beautiful blend of colors.

Anime Art Wallpaper Free Download HD

7.  Dragon Natsu Fairy

This fiery wallpaper will enliven your desktop.

Dragon Natsu Fairy Tail Wallpaper Download Background

8. Avatar, the Legend of Korra

Wallpaper 1:  The four elements will be one on your desktop.

Avatar The Legend Of Korra Wallpaper For Desktop

9. Avatar, the Legend of Korra

Wallpaper 2:  All characters from the legend, in one wallpaper.

Avatar The Legend Of Korra Characters Wallpaper HD

10. Dark Souls

An action RPG set in an open world environment, the game is available for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Dark Souls Wallpaper

11. Avatar, the Legend of Korra

Old friend wallpaper: this friends wallpaper for people who love theirs.

Avatar The Legend Of Korra Old Friend Wallpaper

12. Dark Souls 2012

Awesome Dark Souls wallpaper, deep and dark.

2012 Dark Souls Wallpaper

13. Avatar, Legend of Korra

Wallapaper 3: this fire and water wallpaper for the fiery yet calm ones.

Avatar The Legend Of Korra Korra Wallpapers

14. Dante Devil May Cry

Don’t matter who won’t, but the devil surely will cry.

Dante Devil May Cry HD Wallpaper Dmc

15. Dark souls

Another beautiful Dark Souls wallpaper to adorn your desktop.

Dark Souls Wallpaper

16. Animated Girl Portrait

Elegant colors and delicacy characterize this wallpaper.

Anime Girl Portrait Art

17. Girl in White Dress

Wallpaper of a beautiful girl with golden eyes in a white dress.

Anime Girl Dress White Art

18. Anime Angel

Your very own animated angel this is.   Soar through the skies.

Angel Anime Girl Wings Flight

19. Blonde Girl

This cute wallpaper of an animated girl in short and the red tee shirt is sexy.  Adore your desktop with it.

Anime Blonde Girl Hat Shorts

20. Beautiful Anime Girl

This wallpaper of a cute and sexy girl is available in HD, widescreen mode.

Beautiful Anime Girls 9371

21. Death Note Dark

Death note’s dark and mysterious character captured perfectly in this widescreen wallpaper.

Death Note Light

22. Death Note

This Death note wallpaper features the name written in blood.  Groovy and intense.

Death Note Wallpaper

23. Death Note – the movie

This movie poster as wallpaper is available in HD.

Death Note Movie

24. Death Note

This art wallpaper is apt for fans of the series Death note.  Dark and mysterious, this is one of the ultimate wallpapers for desktops.

Death Note

25. Death Note

Another art poster, this is dark, and the blue highlight make it look crudely sinister.

Death Note L

26.  Purple Anime Wallpaper

Anime girl in a cute school uniform.

Anime Wallpapers HD

27.  Sound Tripping

Anime girl with blue eyes enjoying her music.

Anime Girl

28. Cute anime girl

Who would say no to this cute anime girl offering cherries.  Anyone?

Anime Girl Love

29. Girl Anime

This wallpaper is artfully designed to look elegant and beautiful.

Beautiful Anime Girls

30. Pretty in Pink

Cute Anime girl in pink with roses in the background.

Anime Girly Backgrounds

31. Pink Guitar

Cute Anime girl playing her pink guitar.

Anime Girls Wallpaper 4649

32.  Under the Moon

Cute Anime girl waiting, on a moonlit night.

Anime Girl Under The Moon

33. Northern Lights

Cute anime girl with northern lights in the background.

Anime Wallpapers

34. Office Girl

Anyone looking for a cute anime secretary?

Anime Girls Wallpaper

35. Windy Day

This anime girl will enhance the beauty of your desktop.

Anime Girl Background

36. Pretty

Cute Anime girl and cute stuffed teddy.

Anime Love Wallpaper

37. Cute Anime Girl

A cute studious anime girl aptly captured in this HD wallpaper.

Cute Anime Girl


38. One Piece

Here’s a high def wallpaper especially made for the delight of all One Piece fans.

One Piece Anime

39. Blue-haired Anime Girl

Impressive artwork plus cute girl equals awesome anime wallpaper.

Artwork Girl Anime

40. Bleach

This  anime wallpaper for Bleach features the main characters from the anime and video game.

Bleach Wallpaper HD

41. One Piece Bunch

Here’s another for solid One-Piece fanatics.  A widescreen wallpaper with the casts in it.

One Piece Wallpaper Free Download

42. Hello Kitty

Put some “Hello-Kitty” sweetness on your screen.

Hello Kitty Wallpaper Image Dekstop

43. Bleach Hollow

This anime wallpaper is designed matrix style for an added thriller effect.

Bleach Wallpaper Hollow Widescreen

44. Fairy Tail

Natsu – the pink haired fire dragon slayer from the anime Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail Wallpaper High Definition PC

45. One Piece Minimalist

A black and white artwork featuring One Piece.

One Piece Wallpaper Background HD Dekstop

46. Ninja Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki – the ninja from the famous anime Naruto Shippuden by Masashi Kishimoto.

Naruto Wallpapers

47. Final Fantasy

A dark wallpaper featuring Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy Wallpaper Dekstop

48. Doraemon Meets One Piece

The cool, robotic cat Doraemon and the One Piece logo all in one wallpaper.

Doraemon One Piece Mode Wallpaper High Resolution

49. Fairy Tail Wallpaper

Follow the adventures of Lucy Heartfilia and the gang from Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail Wallpaper Free Anime Download

50. Pokemon Adventure

A colorful widescreen wallpaper featuring characters from one of the most successful anime’s of all time – Pokemon.

Pokemon Wallpaper Background

51. Creepy But Cool

A dark Bleach wallpaper.

Anime Manga Wallpaper Bleach Bleach Download

52. Demon Anime

Do you feel fear?

Demon Wallpaper HD

53. “Straw Hat Luffy”

We love Monkey D. Luffy – the pirate from One Piece.

One Piece Amazing Anime Full HD