What can be more beautiful than the view from your computer out into the vastness of space? The worlds beyond our very own star system can neither visited nor be seen in greater detail. What remains is the fantasy or artistic representation. Individual pictures can be found on many pages. Here are some pretty samples of what you can download here. These Wallpapers can easily put you into a different world.

The Green Planet

Do you remember “Silent Running” the movie? There can be spaceships with greenhouses. It might be possible one day.


A unkown Earth-like World

Most what you can find as “Space Art” is not for real, it’s the imagination of artists. Some are quite scientific, others are not, and some are unrealistic or nearly impossible. Who cares?


Red Dawn

A dazzling space wallpaper in gloomy colors.


Strange Star System

Exoplanets look marvellous and mysterious. No wonder, they are complete inventions, because we know next to nothing about these distant objects. Get you dose of celestial ecstasy by downloading one of these pics.


Ice Planets Surface

The yearning wanderers of the distance. Alien landscapes that can be seen emerged first in the imagination. They are visions, dreams in pixels, painted utopias, even sometimes offbeat wishes.


Icy Cold Worlds

Shivering cold surfaces and bluish colors will look pretty on any desktop.


Above the Clouds

This is the mystery of space. The things above sometimes are far from our imagination. They might be more impressive than imagination.


Mystic Orbiting Planets

This spectacular artistry


The Gas Giant

A stunning planet orbiting a yellow star far from us. We won’t reach this world in our lifetimes, that’s for sure.


The Impact

Sometimes the cosmos is also violent. Planets, asteroids and other celestial bodies collide and generate huge disasters. Something like this:


And of course there is more, pictures of stars, nebulas, galaxies and cool space missions. Maybe next time …