• Coachella Music Festival

    40 Cool Wallpapers – 100% High Definition

    Looking for a cool wallpaper to fill that empty space on your desktop or laptop? We have selected 40 out of the thousands of cool wallpapers available here on HDWallpaperia.  Check these out: 1.  Ice Canyon Not many people know that the tundra is considered a desert as well, even though there is plenty of […]

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  • Beach Summer Wallpaper HD

    10 Most Memorable Summer Wallpapers

    Summertime is the time of year that most people look forward to, considering the winter months are incredibly dismal. Whether you just want to look at a gorgeous scene or have wish fulfillment during the colder or wetter months of the year, setting your wallpaper to a summer scene is a sure way to lift […]

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  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa

    11 Most Famous Buildings Around The World

    The world is a Pandora’s box of beautiful objects, both natural and man-made.  Be it the Colosseum or the Chrysler building, there is something that sets them apart and makes them worth being on a list titled “20 Most Famous Buildings around the World”.  These buildings are listed here because of the architectural genius and […]

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  • Angel Anime Girl Wings Flight

    53 Awesome HD Anime Wallpapers for Your Desktop

    Anime, short for animation, are (Japanese) animated productions that include hand-drawn or computer generated images. Fantastic themes, colorful graphics and vibrant characters are characteristics of this style of animation.  Here are 53 awesome HD Anime wallpapers: 1. Bleach Illustrated and written by Tite Kubo, this series follows the life and adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki who has […]

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  • Funny Wallpaper HD Background

    25 Funny Wallpapers What Will Make You Go ROFL

    Desktops are personal and a lot of times are an extension of the user’s personality. The kind of wallpapers, the screensavers, even the font tells a lot about the person using the system. Funny wallpapers, besides being cute and sassy, make you laugh. And everyone knows, laughter is the best medicine. A person who laughs, […]

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  • Jallikattu

    10 Weird Indian Rituals

    An extremely diverse and eccentric India is ‘the’ place for weird rituals and traditions. A booming economy and a particularly strong IT sector are strong contrasts to the bustling market places and villages. While some embrace the ‘western’ mindset and are moving on the modern life, there are still places in the country where traditions […]

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  • Fallout New Vegas DLC

    20 Most Popular Role Playing Games for PC

    More and more people are getting into online gaming these days. Role playing games have taken online gaming to a whole new dimension. Role playing games, or RPGs are they are usually called, are among the most preferred by the serious gamers out here. Here’s a list of the top 20 most popular RPGs for […]

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  • BMW 4 Series Convertible

    Top 10 Hottest Cars of 2014

    Here’s a rundown of the Top 10 Hottest Cars in 2014. The list is based on Forbes’ 15 hottest cars of the year. To see the complete list, visit Forbes.com. 10.BMW 4 Series The BMW 4 Series is a compact executive, 2-door coupe automobile from German car manufacturer BMW.  It was first announced on December […]

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  • Oprah Winfrey Pictures

    Top 10 Most Powerful Celebrities in Hollywood

    Who are 2013’s most influencial, highest earners, and most powerful celebrities?  We present the Top 10 Most Powerful Celebrities based on Forbes.com’s list of 100.   The list is based on several factors- of course, it includes the net worth income, but also fame, influence, overall public image, and social media presence.  To see the complete […]

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  • Lucy Mecklenburg

    Top Ten World’s Sexiest Women of 2014

    Who are the world’s sexiest women of 2014?  Want to know who made it on the top ten?  Here are the top ten world’s sexiest women based on FHM’s list of 100 Sexiest Women.  To see the complete and official list of 100, visit FHM’s website. 10. Scarlett Johansson American actress, model, and singer Scarlett […]

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