Cats: man’s real best friend

From the time of the ancient Egyptians until the present day, cats have been a hugely popular pet. They are in the top five of most common household pets in the UK (at number four according to a poll conducted by the Pet Food Manufacturers’s Association). And equally beloved elsewhere in the globe. But what is it about them that makes us go crazy for them? After all, the ancient Egyptians went so far as to deify their cats and even mummify some when they died, hoping they’d live on with them in the afterlife. The grace, agility and poise of a cat does give them something of an otherworldly presence at times. And they do seem to think themselves a bit of royalty as I’m sure most cat owners can attest to!

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The many faces of a feline

Another wonderful quality about cats is their multifaceted personality. Depending on their mood, they can seem a very different cat from one minute to the next. One second sleepy, the next inquisitive; here the picture of indifference, there a loveable, cuddly ball of affection. Who hasn’t tried to read a book or work on the computer without their cat deciding to plop themselves upon said object and falling asleep? Or enjoyed a leisurely cup of tea on a cold day with a warm, fuzzy, purring hot water bottle to curl up next to? There’s never a dull moment with such a complicated character around.

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Funny and famous

As well as enjoying their physical presence, the world is currently in a frenzy over cats online. From their images used in ‘memes’ to videos on YouTube, the web is dominated by cat related fun. Their entertainment potential is so widely recognised that there are some that have become more successful than humans. Consider the Grumpy cat phenomenon. This feline with the perpetually grouchy frown has reached all corners of the internet, and is something of a mascot for many self-proclaimed grumpy web users. This cat’s fame has earned it modelling contracts and movie deals. And there are other pets who have received similar offers in recent years. It appears the media is clocking on to the cat craze and wants to be able to cash in on the action.

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One of the Family

Many families have cat members, with plenty of households boasting more than one. With their peaceful personalities, they are an ideal addition to family life. Whether you are single, a couple or a growing family, the cat is the sort of pet that can complement your life, as they are resourceful, independent, and self-reliant, but also loyal and loving. Once they are a part of the family, they are there to stay. Plenty of attention and adoration is something that they love, so the more people in a house to feed their affection needs, the better.


Animal Therapy

A beautiful quality that most cats share is the innate ability to know when you need comfort. Illness or sadness can both be remedied by a cuddle from the beloved pet, and they do seem to somehow know when they are needed. Even the stress of a busy day can melt away when stroking a cosy sleeping cat. And tears can be wiped away with a nudge from a furry little face. What joy a cat can bring in these moments; let’s make it our responsibility as owners to bring them joy, too.


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