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People and Extreme Sports

People’s fascination for Extreme type of Sports – sports that involve a high level of physical exertion, speed and specialized equipment – has soared over the years.  The term “Extreme Sport” became widely used back in the 90’s as a way to promote the annual American sports event X Games and Extreme Sports Channel. Today the term has been adapted internationally to describe a wide range of activities that involve a much higher level of energy, speed, height, and excitement.

skydive extreme sports wallpapers

What Are Extreme Sports?

Extreme Sports may require the use of an extreme vehicle or not. Extreme vehicle sports include motocross bike racing, surfboarding, skiing, parachuting, sky diving, paragliding, F1 racing, skateboarding, whitewater kayaking, and mountain biking. Non-vehicle extreme sports include free climbing, ice climbing, canyoning, parkour, bunjee jumping, free diving, cave diving, etc.

The fact that extreme sports involve great danger and fatal possibilities is a huge part of its appeal especially among the thrill-seeking younger generation. Nonetheless, even people with various physical disabilities do participate in different types of extreme sports.

Motocross Extreme Sports Wallpaper

Love Extreme Sports?

Are you a fan of extreme sports? On this page, you can find thousands of heart-pounding, amazing images of people in the act of executing an extreme sport of some type- brilliantly captured by the camera in that nick of time.

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White Water Kayaking

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