Winter is great, winter is fun, even when the cold season has it’s pitfalls. So get yourself a cool piece of winter time on your computer desktop at home or at work when you like. The white paradise is near. These winter wallpapers can be quickly downloaded and installed. Visit the world of snow and ice now. Don’t forget: Winter is coming!

Icy Enchantment

Everyone is allowed to be enchanted in winter fairyland, you just have to look carefully. There might be more than snowflakes, icicles and frozen leaves.


Winter is Fun & Action

Move on and enjoy the cold season. How about skiing, snowboarding, hiking, snowshoeing, or maybe ski jumping?


Really Quiet Forests

Use your spare time for a winter walk. Breath the cold air, listen to the few birds and enjoy the deep silence.


Snowy Landscapes

The winterlands can be truly pretty. The winter landscape glistens and shines. At best it is in pristine snow. Nothing compares.


A White Land of Dreams

Snowy and icy buildings wake special feelings in us. Some of them are quite romantic.

Bridge over a pond in the winter, Johannapark, Leipzig, Germany

Frozen Nature

The time stands still and the breath of the world goes quiet. For that it is all the more visible. And the mountain lake reveals its true splendor cool.


Big Ice

Few people live in Greenland, because it is rarely comfortable there. It’s more enjoyable to sit in a heated room and look at frosty images.


Cold Glory

Icy objects sometimes look like glass or diamond. But they can’t be taken with to home.


Winter is Magic

It’s not easy to find a dreamy landscape like this. And not everyone has time to tour it. So why not get something on your computer?


Spot something Cute in the snow

Maybe a fellow like this lovely orange squirrel. Ever tried to spot a snow owl, a polar fox or a willow ptarmigan?