Yellow creates mental agility and awareness, awakening our senses to the world around us. Moreover, it inspires independent work and enhances natural inquisitiveness; thus, embedding a deeper understanding of the world. The colour itself is creative from a psychological standpoint and is a colour that inspires new ideas, new movement and innovation within an individual. Therefore, it is the colour of the practical and logic person, not of the subsequent daydreamer.

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It is a natural stimulant for the generation of ideas and for ‘light bulb’ moments that inspire creativity. Yellow awakens newly found enthusiasm and nurtures to a point whereby the individual has to take an idea forward in a practical way. It is widely perceived that the colour has associations with challenge – challenge in the sense of positive psychological reinforcement. Within the whole spectrum of colours, yellow is the one who promotes the loquacious nature of an individual, the communicator and practical doer of tasks.


Associations and Understanding in Wider World

Yellow is the colour of the networking specialist and of the journalist – instilling the ability to be an effective communicator in the trickiest of situations. Yellow is the laboratory technician who is constantly hypothesising – allowing two sides of the argument to be filtered through until making and informed decision. However, Yellow can also be the comedic nuance in the room, the practical joker who can light up any dull conversation. Yellow can be the flicker of meaning in an intellect’s eye, searching for the inner meaning.


Yellow and Its Meaning

Yellow is deemed to be thoughtful and promotes clarity of thought and self. It cements focus and grounds reflective decision-making. Nevertheless, yellow can be fast-moving and unpredictable and can cause anxiety during times of difficulty. The colour is related to self-worth and confidence, it gives us reasons to continue and carry on. It is the mostly recognisable of all the colours, lighting the way for people on pedestrian crossing and is ingrained on the body of a bumblebee. Yellow speaks of reason, it speaks of a head over heart approach and relates every decision to a logistical approach, whereby all meaning is properly thought through. Yellow is the colour of the self-assured, self-knowing and self-aware.


The colour is set to be symbolic of acquired knowledge and indicates intelligence within a person. The colour is associated with the left hemisphere of the brain and has connotations of illumination, hope and general fun.


Yellow is the relief of the sun’s rays on your skin during summer, it is the refreshing skin of a lemon and it the mane of a ferocious lion. The colour is a life-giver, a grower of all natural things; it possesses godly qualities in its ability to cure the sick through a lick of sunlight.


Yellow makes individuals smile, it paints an expression of contentedness in times of depression and depravity. Yellow brightens up a dull room, gives expression and meaning to the cover of a book or simply reinvigorates by opening the curtains in a morning.