The reason that most of the people choose the wallpaper that they choose is based on how it looks. Therefore, it would only make sense for us to have a list of the most unique and artistic wallpapers; wallpapers that do not fall under any other category other than art just because that’s how cool they are. Seems fair enough right? The attention to detail puts them in a league all of their own.

1. Vincent VanGogh Painting

Famous Artwork Wallpaper Downloads
In a list of artsy high definition wallpapers, it would make sense that a work of Vincent Van Gogh’s would come first. His painting, Irises, is considered to be one of the most beautiful paintings in the world and has been housed in multiple museums.

2. Fantasy World

3d Abstract Fantasy World Wallpaper HD
Some high definition wallpapers are cool just because of the artistic thought that went into them. This wallpaper falls into that category, as it is a hugely different take on the real Earth, putting you into a fantasy world with a familiar but altogether alien planet.

3. 3D Rainbow

3d Colorful Abstract Background

Sometimes some of the most artistic works are the ones that are the most minimalistic, such is the case with this high definition wallpaper. Its concentric rainbow circles provide a clean background for the icons on your desktop, but remain creative while doing so.

4. Bird Digital Art

Digital Artwork Wallpaper Free Downloads
This digital painting of a macaw would make a great pseudo-minimalistic wallpaper for people who like both dark wallpapers and bright colors.

5. Shattered Screen

Broken Glass Wallpaper Free
You can crack through the matrix with this wallpaper in order to see the code underneath of it all. This cool feature makes for a novel background with this high definition creative wallpaper.

6. Starry Night

Famous Artwork Wallpapers
Van Gogh deserves to make it onto the list twice since his art is simply that amazing. Not only is Starry Night one of the most well-known paintings, but it is one of the most utilized because of its aesthetic value, turned into prints and even sweatshirts! Now you can have it as your wallpaper; quite the dynamic, creative choice.

7. Halloween Night Pumpkins

Art Halloween Night Pumpkins Moon
This high definition wallpaper is the perfect kind of artsy for people who enjoy Halloween. It is a must have for those that enjoy the spookier side of things, and the faces of the pumpkins really get to you with how surprisingly cute they are! This high definition wallpaper is a must have around Halloween, but is definitely cool year round.

8. Fire Book

Abstract Fire Book Wallpaper
Books definitely have the ability to ignite passion in people. Represent that part of the art form with this abstract, flaming book high definition wallpaper for your computer.

9. Abstract Smoke

Abstract Smokes Walpaper
Smoke being used in abstract art is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but that does not stop it from being any less cool. This rainbow dyed smoke makes a great simplistic yet artistic desktop wallpaper.

10. 3D Dinosaurs

3D Dinosaurs Wallpaper
There is no better way to end a list about creative wallpapers than with a wallpaper that is made of a realistic dinosaur painting. Dinosaurs have always been cool, but they’ve been especially cool since Jurassic Park. There is no reason not to have a dinosaur as your desktop wallpaper, so there is no reason you shouldn’t pick this one.