Football is a global sport and every country has leagues full of wonderful teams. Almost all fans of football have ‘their’ team, the one they support above all others. All across the world there are huge teams like Manchester United, Arsenal, FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint Germain with millions of fans each. There are also thousands of smaller teams, local teams that are supported just as passionately.

This is one of the reasons we love football so much, having a team to support, something to be a part of. It doesn’t matter if your team is good, average or bad, it’s your team and no-one can take that away from you.


The Players

Every team needs players, whether it’s a Sunday league team or Chelsea FC. As football fans we love the players, and we love each one for a different reason.

Some players are lightening quick and can run the length of the pitch in the blink of an eye. Others possess great strength and seem like they could lift houses. Others still have neither of these qualities but are blessed with fantastic, magical feet and are able to dance round and get away from players much quicker than them. We love players that score goals, players that create goals and even those that try to stop both of those things.


The goals

Goals are surely one of the greatest things about this great sport, and football fans love them no matter how they come. We will clap and cheer a scrappy goalmouth tap in just as loudly as a bending, swerving, dipping 40 yard screamer. We love penalties, headers, volleys, free kicks and even the goals that go in off the shin or the back! As long as they go in, we love them.


The competitions

Football is full of competitions, each of them a chance for clubs to win that most precious of things in the world of football; a trophy. As football fans, every new chance to win a trophy brings with it fresh excitement. Whether it be the long, long route of winning a league which many fans will see as the ultimate achievement, or the roller-coaster ride of cup campaigns with their anxiety filled away day journeys to teams we’ve barely heard of, we love competitions.


The fans

Fans are sometimes forgotten when football is spoken about, but without them there would be no football at all. The fans are one of the most beautiful parts of the beautiful game. They are passionate and will go to great lengths to show their love for their chosen teams, often travelling hundreds or even thousands of miles to support their clubs. They are also humorous, and compassionate and caring too. They will invent brilliantly witty chants to put down opposition fans and players, but they will also clap injured players off the pitch in support and hold silences for those who have passed away, no matter what their team.


This is why we love football. Download more football and soccer wallpapers here and here.